About Us

About Us

Experts in Asbestos Removal for Over 10 Years

With over a decade in combined experience We are happy to offer a quality efficient service with a satisfaction guarantee.

We are committed to providing quality asbestos removal service throughout Western Australia including the Perth region, as well as rural and remote areas of WA.

We take pride in working together with clients to develop asbestos removal solutions specifically designed for their needs.

Thanks to a focus on efficiency and execution of processes, Town and Country Asbestos Removals guarantee tailored solutions every time, whether it be in the heart of a metropolitan city or out on rural road.

Asbestos Removal Licensing

We are licensed to remove bonded non friable asbestos.

Our team members are trained on and off the job, use fit tested full face respirators and receive health monitoring.

What Sets Us Apart

We serve regional and remote areas, offering quality asbestos removal service across Western Australia Town and Country Asbestos Removals are proud to have:

  • Never received a regulatory violation
  • Never had to utilise our insurance cover
  • 100% completion record
  • Police clearance
  • Full compliance
  • Top quality equipment
  • Labour shortage mitigation contingency