Asbestos Removal Cost

Cost Effective Asbestos Removal Services

We believe in providing our clients with transparent and competitive pricing for our services.
We understand that asbestos removal can be a significant investment, but we’re committed to making it affordable and accessible by aiming to beat any written quote from any reputable licensed asbestos removalist by 10%.

Asbestos Removal on old asbestos shed in the Wheatbelt region

Our Asbestos Removal Cost Commitment

This means you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible price for your asbestos removal without sacrificing quality or safety.

We are NOT willing however to compete in pricing with those who cut corners and produce substandard work.

We are committed to following the code of practice and state/ federal regulations and we will not produce cheap work.

Our Asbestos Removal Pricing is Based on Several Factors


  1. Size and complexity of the project,
  2. Type and amount and condition of asbestos containing materials
  3. Accessibility to the asbestos containing material
  4. Location of the property
  5. Distance to the nearest appropriate waste disposal site
Asbestos removal safely on truck with crane in Wheatbelt
Asbestos removal on old shed in the Wheatbelt wearing full safety PPE

Asbestos Removal Cost Perth

Please note prices are subject to the above factors plus clearance certificates, waste disposal fees and cartage

  • Internal and external wall cladding from $40 per m2
  • Fencing from $60 per sheet
  • Ceilings and eaves from $50 per m2
  • Roofing from $45m2
  • Flooring from $80m2